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The cupping clinic room

Welcome to The Cupping Clinic

About Us

We at the Cupping Clinic are a family of experienced health professionals, masseurs, acupuncturists, hijama experts and cupping therapists who are passionate about alternative medicine, natural health therapies and holistic healing techniques such as cupping, massage therapy and hijama treatments.

Though we specialise in all types of cupping and hijama therapy, we also offer a diverse range of holistic wellness treatments such as acupuncture sessions and alternative fertility boosting treatments.

Our aim at the Cupping Clinic is to make a lasting contribution in the revival of holistic healing practices by making cupping, hijama and massage therapy accessible, safe and affordable for everyone in the UK.

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Services We Offer

We provide fast effective and affordable treatment for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries that need attention right away by certified specialists.



      Cupping (hijama) is the process of applying cups to various points on the body.



      Fire cupping involves soaking a cotton ball in almost pure alcohol and inserting it into a glass cups to create a vacuum for suction.



      Experience a deep tissues massage ideal for sport related injuries or just for relaxation

Learn why is it worth it

Here are a few potential benefits of cupping and hijama treatments:

  • Pain relief and management

  • Enhanced blood circulation

  • Reduced risk of inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema
  • Stabilisation of high blood pressure
  • Boosted immunity

  • Detoxification of blood

  • Improved digestive health
  • Reduced depression, mood stability and anxiety relief

Meet the Team

Here at The Cupping Clinic, we are a team of vibrant individuals who are compassionate about alternative and holistic healing methods. We have massage therapists, cupping specialists, hijama experts and experienced acupuncturists on board. Meet the amazing therapists who work magic with their hands.

Why Choose Us

At the Cupping Clinic, we care about you and that is why we do everything in our power to make your retreat hassle-free and comfortable. You will notice the difference the moment you walk in. The Cupping Clinic is all about serenity, relaxation and you.

When you visit, our experienced team of certified masseurs, acupuncturists and cupping specialists will hear you out and suggest treatments based on your individual needs and requirements. Listening to your needs is important because this is about you. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Online

    Book your cupping appointment online with our simple and easy to use booking system

  • Qualified Practitioners

    Friendly professionals and certified therapists who know how to work magic with their hands

  • Free Consultation

    Free consultation session available

  • Muscle Fitness

    Hijama helps assists in muscle recovery. Perfect for avid gym goers.

  • Combine Other Therapies

    All our alternative therapies go hand-in-hand, you can therefore combine any of our therapies to achieve maximum results

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